Additional Services




Air Conditioning

While we might only rely on our air conditioning systems during the summer, a lack of use can cause the system to fail or develop faults. We will carry out all necessary checks and carry out repairs where required while we can also recharge your air conditioning system.

Vehicle Diagnostics

We use the latest diagnostic equipment that works with all modern vehicles. We connect our system to your vehicle and run a diagnostic check to identify the specific problem. This allows us to carry out efficient repairs while helping to keep costs low.

Vehicle Recovery

Your car can break down and fail at any time. Whether that’s on the side of the road or on your driveway. However, when this occurs, you’ll need to get your car to a garage and that’s where our vehicle recovery service can help. We will collect your vehicle and tow it to our garage before diagnosing the problem.

Wheel Alignment

Overtime the wheel alignment on your vehicle often referred to as “Tracking” can fall out of alignment. This can cause issues like uneven steering and tyre wear.

Our laser alignment tool can get you back on the straight and narrow in no time!

Forté System Cleaning

Forté Power-Clean allows direct cleaning of a vehicle’s problem area with new specially formulated treatments, gaining effective results and saving drivers time and money.