MOT Testing

By law, every vehicle that uses public roads must have a valid MOT certificate. This will prove that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive.

Therefore, we make sure that we offer a fully professional MOT service that offers complete peace of mind and makes sure that you remain legal.

We can test classes 4, 5 and 7!

MOT Tests from:


wHat gets checked on a UK Mot Test?

During an MOT, we will check the following:

Thorough checks will ensure all equipment is in full working order, ensuring you can be seen while on the road.
We make sure that suspension and steering are safe and fit for purpose. This ensures that your vehicle remains safe during operation.
The MOT tests the efficiency of the vehicle’s braking performance, condition and operation. Most vehicles are tested on a roller brake tester.

We check all tyres and tread to ensure they are road legal and safe for use.

Seat belts are an integral part of keeping passengers safe, so we ensure they still provide the right level of protection.
We check for signs of rust and damage that could weaken the structure and make it unfit for the road.
We ensure that all emissions fall within the required limits and that exhausts and fuel systems are functioning correctly.
We check the windscreen for signs of damage or cracks, making sure that there are no weaknesses that could impair the view of the driver.

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